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Highlight your fall styling with our white sneaker collection


Difficult by P founder patrick Ekwall

"Behind the scenes in the italian shoe factory with the CEO"  

See how our sneakers are produced. The factory work with other exclusive brands besides Difficult by P such as Louis Vuitton and Dior.

"Quality & Craftsmanship Designed for the Modern Man" 

With attention to every detail we add a special touch to your wardrobe making everyday a little more stylish, fun, and exciting. We work according to the ideas and designs of Founder and Head of Design, Patrick Ekwall, with influences from all around the world. Difficult by P designs luxury sneakers, top class jackets and accessories. With fabrics of the highest quality on the market from Italy and the world's most reputable suppliers we base our craftsmanship on many years of experience, care, and accuracy. We do not compromise quality for anything - whether it comes to the fabrics or the slightest little detail such as a button or a seam in the inner pocket.


Difficult by P

Difficult by P fullwidth

Difficult by P fullwidth

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